Business Buzzzzzz

By now you have realized that Erin and I like to be champions…of ourselves, our friends and the things we believe in. Today, I want to take a minute to champion you, my fellow social media marketers and friends. What do you think you could learn from the people in your network if you just asked? What exciting things should we be championing for each other? How can we help you? How can you help us? This is just a small reminder: Don’t forget to ask. Don’t forget to listen. And most of all, don’t forget to nurture the relationships you build.

Here at E=A(rin)² we are about to officially launch the Friday Business Buzz! Hope you are ready for this enhanced “follow friday” of sorts.

How it works

Every Friday we will release a post summing up the things we learn from our friends in the twitterverse that week. So be sure to tell us what you have going on! New employee? Let us know! New business? Tell us! Exciting client project you want to share? Hit us up! New job? You know what to do.

We are firm believers in the power of supporting each other through word of mouth (or type of finger in this case) so give us all you got!

Do we mean you?

Duh. Of course we do! Nothing is too big or too small for us. Whether  you want to get the word out about a fundraising benefit or tell the world about your new promotion- This is your chance!

When do we need your info?

We will take and scout info until 10 am Friday morning. After that all kick ass news will have to wait until the next week.

How do we want your info?

Message us! DM us! Email us! Whatever you prefer! All contact information is on our new contact page!


And now to kick things off this week…

Did you know?

Elizabeth Lenzi (@happyfish103) has started a new company, Marachino Events (@MaraschinoEvent). The company focuses on events for & involving local Indy businesses.

Drew Larison (@MrDrewLarison) is working with a new start-up in Indy that makes Mobile sites and apps. Drew tells me they are really focusing on mixing social with mobile for companies.


Have a great weekend everyone and remember we can’t wait to hear from you!



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