About Erin

Piece Of Work

Take me to an art museum and I'll install myself within the piece.

Words that have been used to described me by other people:
Frenetic, crazy, energetic, free spirited, dreamer, weird, nerd, stubborn, pretentious, workaholic, music lover, intelligent, cynical, sarcastic, funny, goofy…

Words I would use to describe myself:
See above.

Things you should know:
Marketing and publicity  is a way of life for me. I am constantly trying to find a way to get the “word” out on the things I love. Whether it’s sharing music  (if you’re in Indy check out our friends at Local Music Only, they support and interview the best local musicians), where to shop (boutique of choice: Girly Chic Boutique),  or getting the scoop on the best place to get food ( check out my personal favorite, Thai Papaya on the NW side of Indy) I love to share what I know to those that will appreciate it.

Music is my soul. Thankfully I grew up in a household where music was all around me. From singing along with my mom and Janis about buying a Benz, a color TV and a night on the town to air-guitaring with my dad to Eric Clapton’s “White Room” (best Clapton song EVER), I learned at a young age that happiness is always having a song to play in your soundtrack of life (corny, but true).

Books are my food. Words thrill me, give me chills and take my breath away.  I have met numerous authors (my version of rockstars) including Dame A.S. Byatt, Dave Eggers, Amy Tan and Porter Shreve. All have left me holding my well-loved copies of their novels, speechless, motionless before them in various stages of my life. Classics, short stories and anthologies…my nose is always in a book. I was a bookworm before it became cool (which happened sometime in college).

In short, there is much more too me (like baking homemade cupcakes, playing volleyball and surviving in suburbia), but all in all this is what you need to know.



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