About Arin

First of all, I’m Arin…with an A. If you spell it wrong, I will be pissed. What should you take away from this “about me”? I love lists, as you will soon find out. I hate to talk about myself, which poses a problem when you’re as awesome as I am. My mantra: Dream. Think. Create. If I can inspire you to do any of those three things, let alone all of them, then I’m doing something right.

Let’s get started. The links strewn about this page will take you to magical lands where cool stuff flows atop the brooks where I babble on & on. So click them.

  • Dreamer


  • Passionate
  • Creative
  • Determined
  • Perfectionist
  • Spaz
  • Humorous
  • Nerd
  • Impatient
  • Focused
  • and oh so Popular
  • I work hard
  • I play hard
  • I love life.

My Life


As a little girl I wanted to be three things:

As a young girl I wanted to be three things:

As a highschooler I wanted to be three things:

  • Taller
  • Musician
  • Liked

As college student I wanted to be three things:


  • At least 5’2
  • Musician
  • Remembered for something great

And now as a young professional I don’t want to be three things. Because, lets face it. I never made it to 5’2. Being a professional musician is, well, different than you think it will be growing up. And to be a dolphin trainer or famous were just phases. Nowadays I just want to be me and do the three things I know will continue to shape my life: Dream. Think. & Create.

And one more list for those of you who want to know a little more.

  • Music is, and probably will always be, the passion of my life.
  • I love Art. And I love to create, be it painting, drawing or play dough with my step daughter.
  • I am recently married to THE Jake Anderson, Security Marketer extraordinaire.
  • I have a step daughter and she is the light of my life.
  • Family & Friends first. I say friends because I’m picky- if you’re my friend you’re my family.
  • Creative communications is the way I integrate myself into my work.
  • I will always love Radio.
  • I love to cook.
  • I love to travel.
  • I don’t read as much as I want to.

I hope your as excited about this blogging adventure as Erin & I. If you’re not, please leave now and buy a hankerchief as you probably have no friends and we wouldnt like you anyways. 🙂

Until we meet again,



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